Temporary Employees

Temporary Employees provide flexible staffing to aid you during peak periods, summer vacations, holidays, short term projects and one-time-only jobs while still keeping you on budget. Each thoroughly tested employee is personally matched to your job specifications for a perfect fit. Xpand’s temporary employees are often mistaken for full time employees. Except for one difference. They are not on your payroll. And that makes good business sense any time.


Temp-to-Staff allows you to place a candidate in the job you are looking to fill full-time, but have them remain on Xpand Staffing payroll through a trial period. This allows you to see a new hire actually work within your company’s culture. You can observe their work ethic and cohesiveness with your team, evaluate their skill level and ability to perform, and determine if they are the right fit. And you do it all without the usual risks associated with hiring. This means when you’re ready to hire, you do so with confidence.

Direct Hire

Direct Hire gives you the benefit of Xpand Staffing’s high standard for recruiting and qualifying. You will receive customized service that includes: recruiting the highest caliber employees, an interview process with thorough screening, skill testing, and reference checks. You can be assured that you will get the best candidate to meet your job specifications. You will get complete follow-up service through our guarantee date.

Our Staffing Services Include:

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