We’re a leader in recruitment and staffing because we’ve never tried to prove ourselves to be above what our clients needed us to be. Highlighting flexibility, our process is your process. We don’t try to manipulate your hiring requirements to fit ours, we mold our mission to yours. Your screening methods become ours; your employment standards become ours; your procedures become ours. This construct allows us to more accurately select candidates for your team who exceed even your highest expectations.
Our specialty hiring services include:

Elite Performance Management

Executed by a dedicated Xpand senior performance manager, our EPM program offers assessments for quantifiable performance improvement through employee engagement and follow-through. EPM was created to assist the large-scale users of our extensive, full-service staffing solutions.

National Recruiting Management

Streamlining the hiring process for multiple sites and franchises, we ensure that every location within your organization adheres to the same standards of hiring implemented at the corporate level. Your Xpand national recruiter will be your mediator, working to implement hiring practices across the board, while tracking performance for optimal communication, efficiency, and support.

Centralized VMS and MSP Support

From consolidating payroll and reconciling invoices to ensuring employment compliance, we provide an all-encompassing menu of vendor solutions and managed staffing needs. Your dedicated team utilizes proven techniques alongside cutting-edge software to ensure greater efficiency in communication, escalation, and performance.

Industry-Specific, Direct-Hire Services

Acting as your intermediary throughout the recruitment process, your Xpand staffing specialist utilizes a network of industry professionals and knowledgeable connections to seek out highly qualified prospects for your team. Our screening process has always meant unfettered confidence for our clients when searching for experienced professionals to join their teams.

Curious about our customized specialty services and how they streamline organizational processes? Contact us now for a full assessment of your needs.